Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking After Mom

I love books. I always have. As a kid, you could generally find me with a book, either making my own out of cardboard and construction paper, or reading one. I read whenever I have time now. When I taught school, reading and writing were my favorite subjects to teach. And I make a living by reading and writing. Oh, and I also volunteer two days a week at my daughter's school to help with literacy groups. As you can see, I love reading and everything that goes with it.

Which is why it is so much fun to watch my daughter's love of books develop just like mine did. Wherever she is, you can generally find her creating her own book (or reading one). She makes the best books. It's amazing that at six years old, her characters have personalities and she carries the personality traits through her whole story. She comes up with a plot and follows it to the end. And she even adds some humor and extra detail along the way. I can't wait to see how her books grow as she does.

She also just finished reading her first chapter book last Friday. She calls them 'gray books', since they aren't beautiful like picture books (this is what she tells me). Well, she picked up a 'gray book' and started reading it early last week and she loved it. She finished quickly and is ready to start her next one. So much for never wanting to read those gray books like Mom does!

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