Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shelter Dogs

This topic isn't necessarily about writing, unless of course I relate it back to the book Marley and Me. But my version would be called Toby and Me. Because my yellow lab, Toby, is just as destructive and wild as Marley, and yet he worms his way into your heart, too.

I'm a 'shelter dog' person. Daisy, a Dalmatian mix has been with us for six years, so she knows the routine. Toby, the yellow lab mix, doesn't quite get it yet. He's only been here for six months. Even though we've already hit obedience training, following commands isn't his strength. His strengths involve chewing toys, sneaking food, and digging up trees. Yes, entire trees. He doesn't go for broken limbs on the ground, he just brings us the whole darn tree. Yet, when I'm as mad as can be at this dog, he looks up at me with those crazy eyes, flops down on his belly, and begs to have his tummy rubbed. He plays with our daughter and runs to meet her when she gets home from school. He loves us. I think I decided to blog about this so I have a place to refer back to, so when I'm mad at the dog, I can remember why we keep him.

Right now I need to go. I hear destructive noises coming from my daughter's room... and it's not her because she's still asleep. Toby.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jacket Flap

My first post of the new year... so much for posting those intended 'resolutions' and being a better blogger!

If you haven't heard of Jacket Flap, it's a website that connects authors, illustrators and publishers in the children's writing community. I've been a member since 2006, but thanks to some friendly encouragement from one of my writing group members, I finally updated info on there. So, check me out at Jacket Flap, and you can also link back to this site from there, too.

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