Friday, February 25, 2011

Website additions

I added a new feature to my blog. Links to my writing friends' blogs can be found on the right side of my page. Check them out to see what my fellow writers are working on. Here is a little bit about each of the links you'll visit.

John Robert McFarland and I met in 2008 (has it been three years already?!) at the Midwest Writers Retreat, after both of our novels were selected for fellowship positions. We worked together in a group on revising our novels, and I felt an instant connection to John and his work. He is an exquisite writer. His use of words draws the reader in instantly and his novel has stayed with me all these years. Check out Periwinkle Chronicles at

Peggy Reiff Miller is a fellow Indiana writer. We belong to a writing group that meets every other month in Michigan City. Peggy saved a piece of history when she created A Tribute to the Seagoing Cowboys, a DVD documentary, which took her many years to research and compile. Her YA novel, on the same subject, has turned into quite a masterpiece. Every time she sends me chapters for revision, I cannot wait to read more. Her story is powerfully captivating and hopeful. Visit Peggy's site at

Peggy Archer, another fellow writer from my Michigan City group, is an established picture book author and has made the New York Times bestseller list, among many other accomplishments. Peggy's use of words and rhyme always makes me smile. My daughter is crazy about her books, and has Name that Dog! and Turkey Surprise memorized!! Learn more about Peggy A. and her work at

As I add more links, I'll post a little info about my writing friend and the work he/she does.
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