Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to blogging

Wowie wow wow! I haven't blogged in forever. Good excuse this time, my daughter's teacher had surgery and I took over the class for awhile. My schedule was a little wacko, working the teaching job by day and my editing job in the early morning and late night hours. Things are back to normal (whatever that is) for the moment.

Going back to the classroom reminded me of several things. First, kids are full of great ideas and they are such an inspiration to a writer. I don't care if it's a first grade or a fifth grade classroom, kids are funny and clever and smart. This latest teaching gig turned up at the right time to renew my writing spirit.

Second, I am reminded that classrooms are full of germs! Again, doesn't matter what the age (although younger students tend to hug and touch more), the sneezing, coughing, nose picking, etc. leads to lots of sickness. I felt like I was back in my first year of teaching after all the colds/flu I brought home.

It's good to be back blogging. Thanks for stopping by,


Unknown said...

Glad to see you're back on track! Happy writing!
Peggy M

John Robert McFarland said...

If we could improve literacy for germs, we'd have some great new markets