Thursday, March 14, 2013

Katie's Book Basket - Prairie Evers

This is my book basket. It sits in the corner of my entryway, corralling my borrowed library books. Even though my books are always returned late (because, really, who can read 20+ books in 2 weeks?) at least the book basket helps me keep track of all the books instead of paying for lost books (because, really, who can keep track of 20+ borrowed books without a dedicated basket for them?). 

I know, stop checking out so many books at once. But, when I walk into the library and see all those glorious books, something comes over me. Anyway, that's for a different day. 

Here's the point. In my book basket is currently a gem of a book. A middle grade novel that I wish I wrote.

Prairie Evers by Ellen Airgood
 I love, love, love this novel. I picked it up and didn't put it down until I was done (so much for dinner that night). And then I felt sad because I read it so fast and it was all over way too quickly. It's one of those books. 

Prairie Evers, the main character, she's a girl with spunk, optimism, and drive. She's the kind of girl you wanted to have as a best friend growing up. Her witty narrative throughout the novel makes each scene come to life and feel so real. I loved the relationship that the author created between Prairie and Ivy, but especially between Prairie and her grammy. Oh, this novel is a dream, and if you've got room in your book basket (or on your bookshelf, or on your nightstand, or wherever) I strongly recommend picking up a copy of Prairie Evers. 

Now, if you know me pretty well and you're looking at the three hens on the front cover of Prairie Evers and thinking, "That's why she loves this book," well, yes, it helps, but it is not the only reason I love this book. It is a well-written delight of a novel, that's why I love this book. 

And if you don't know me that well and you aren't sure why I would be super-excited to see three hens on the front cover of a middle grade novel, you should visit my other blog at

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