Monday, April 23, 2012

My Blog Title

My friend Anne recently started following my blog, and she questioned me about the title. I realized I've had lots of questions about my blog title over the years and maybe lots of others are wondering the same thing. Why would I title a blog after mouse poop?

At times, I can have a rather bizarre sense of humor, which is how the title came about. My first writing I ever sold was a picture book project based on a mouse. When I think of mice, I think of their droppings. And I know that I'm not a blogger that blogs on a regular basis. I tend to 'drop in' and post when I have something to write about. Which is how I came up with Droppings, since I'm just dropping in and blogging. It's simple, and sort of weird, but that's how I came up with the title.

Thanks for stopping by,
Katie M.


John Robert McFarland said...

I'm glad to have you drop in anytime, Miss Mousie.

Katie M. said...

Thanks, John! You are a much better blogger than I am. Periwinkle Chronicles always has something going on!