Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Managing Time

I have found that managing my time as a writer is no small task. Not only is there the whole writing and editing part of the gig, but I need time to research, hit the library, keep up the blog, plan speaking event programs, apply for grants and scholarships, meet with my critique group, and submit to editors. Oh, and of course, fit in my day job and all the other parts of life.

This isn't a blog of complaints though, rather it's quite the opposite. If I didn't have to do all these things, it would mean I wasn't getting anywhere or succeeding in writing, and that's simply not true. One small step at a time, I am getting somewhere. But as a children's writer, or any writer for that matter, one must be committed entirely or the whole program falls apart!

My time commitments for today include putting the finishing touches on my presentation for this Saturday, March 6, at the Starke County Young Artists Conference. I've been invited back for the third year in a row, and this year I have the opportunity to speak with first and second graders about writing. This isn't only fun for the children, but also for me. I taught elementary school for quite some time and I always love working with kids. I'll bring the camera along and post pictures soon!

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John Robert McFarland said...

When my older daughter taught 5th grade in Champaign, IL, she got me invited up for a day as Writer in Residence. Classes came one at a time to "consult" with me. A sweet little 1st grade girl asked me if one ever made mistakes when writing a book. I allowed as how that could happen. "Well, then," she said, "it would be a good idea to write them in pencil, wouldn't it?

Katie M. said...

It would be a good idea to write in pencil... yes it would! I had a great time this year again at the conference and I think the children did too. They were smiling and laughing, which is always a good sign!