Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Agent Search

Wow...I never knew there were so many agents out there. I've been searching the Association of Author's Representatives lately, and I had no idea that many agents belonged to this. It is certainly alot to weed through, trying to find the agency that fits my work. Hopefully, at least one of these agents will want to represent me!

It's funny how I feel an almost instant connection (or disconnect, for that matter) to a certain agency based on the look and feel of their website. There are some sites that just drone on, with no cohesiveness or personal feel. I don't think I could work with an agency like that, based on the feel of their site.

And then, there are some agency sites that are powerful, succinct, and draw me in from the first moment I see their website. I immediately wish these agencies would offer respresentation, because they seem to have it all together. I bet that's how editors/agents/etc. feel when they first read manuscripts. They either connect and love it, or think the work is just droning on. I get it....

I'll stop droning on for now, and get back to my researching efforts ;)

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